my sun (hier das versprochene Gedicht für heyhey mycrash etc:3)

I used to be alone...I used to be called a loner... I used to be on my own... and nobody would care... I had so many fears... I hid myself in the dark and all I did was run... from my life and from my past... I kept dreaming everyday, that somebody would stay... but all of them left... They left me behind with a scar that reached so far it touched my heart and broke something inside....I wasn't ready that time and sure to be broken if u guys didn't lift me up and made me an awoken girl I never was but am now thanks to you guys I found my light u were my hope in the darkness my sun in the rain... u painted an rainbow colourful and bright in my brain and even though it's stupid I still feel ur there and in the depths of my heart you'll stay and i'll be thankful no matter what others say...They don't understanding the size of your words in my heart that made me realise I could move on that I could be strong going through the little thinks that had shaken my world and now thanks to you I can stand on my own feet smiling wholeheartedly without a bad seed of misery and I feel enlightened after such a long time thanks to u my life is mine...

10.7.15 16:39

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