pretty lies and beautiful betrayal

Isn't it funny? I am breaking apart because of all the lies u made... I wanted to trust u...My mistake was that I wanted to trust u soo badly. I could say that it is all my own fault that I am so hurt like this now.   I wanted to believe in ur smile and in ur words every damn time u lied to me... I knew that every word u said was a lie but I wanted to trust u and spoke the truth... In the end u just used me and when I was useless u just dumped me...left me alone... Just like an old useless toy or a broken pencil...but It's okay since it was me who believed u... Since it was me who trusted u... Since it was me who never learn out of my mistakes... It's okay...because I am the only brOKen one...

10.11.13 14:00

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