a dreamers dream...

Hey dear...my beloved... I want to touch...to care for u..but I know It's forbidden...I know I can't do. I said I'm ready to let go, but in the end I wasn't and hurt u. Now I'm watching u from far away. How u get the girl u love. How u spend ur happy times with her. How u let go of everything which belong in the past..like me. I can't get u it is prohibited since the girl u love is my best friend. I long and know I shouldn't but I can't help it. This is how I feel and I want to leave it behind and then I feel I want it back... My best friend loves u and u r together it is forbidden for me to love u. I have to keep my feelings inside... But days after u two got together I see ur smile is leaving ur face... I see u got hurt over and over just because of her... I see how u r breaking urself apart.... At that times I want to hold u but still can't... At that times I want to snatche u away but that would be betrayal and also ur love doesn't sway... It doesn't matter how much u got hurt u still won't look at anyone other than her. It hurts just beeing with u. I'm speacking of helping u when I'm not even strong enough to wipe my own tears away. I'll leave u to fate and let my hope come to its end. I will first learn to wipe my new tears away and let go. Good bye...

24.8.13 23:23

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