TOO late to regret:,(

I tought I hate you but then I saw your crying face. I hated that you medeled in everything but then I realized that you always protected me, so naturaly I wanted to stay by your side. You hurt me so many times that I stopped to count but I still can't be mad at you. You betrayed me soo often that I tought my heart can't take it anymore. But still I coudnt leave you. You are very important to me I just realized that now. I love you. But now its to late you already said the words I feared the most. Do you still remember our promise. I'll always stay by your side protect you uptil the day you say I don't need you anymore on your own. Uptil these words are spoken I'll never leave your side. It doesn't matter how often you hurt me ,how often you betray me I'll be by your side.It's a promise right? If you don't need me anymore I aren't allowed to get near you again. I regret what I said at that time cause it hurts so much not beeing with you. I can't help it but look at you only a little peek and I see you crying, just like me. I want to compfort you but a promise is a promise. I regret this decicion too. Because I saw a other girl came to you and stopped your tears. Now I'm alone still thinking of you. I know you loved me at that time but now you got her. My heart hurts but I'm happy if you are happy. You life apart from me now but can you tell me are you happy? Are you smiling. I want to tell you that I'm smiling too but I can't,I'm obviously cryring right now. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't concern you anymore right? Only one time I wanna see you smile again. Is this too much?

30.3.13 00:24

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krähhh (1.4.13 11:50)
schön )
von wem erzählst du eigentlich in deinen gedichten?

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