sad love:,(

I was always concerned about you. My eyes were always looking at you. My soul were always hoping for you best. My heart always starts pound like crazy when you speak with me. My body start to get hot by every touch of you, Even if it only was a light touch by accident. I always loved you,...but you never looked at me. You never hoped for me. You never were worried about me. Your heart didn't pound when I'm with you. You didn't get nervous even a bit when I get to touch you. You never cared about me. You never hated me,but also you never loved me. Your eyes always looked to her. Even if you didn't recognized it. I always get sad beeing near you. Seeing the longing in the eyes of you when you look at her. Seeing the fire burning in your heart.  Seeing the stregh you put in your effort to win her. Seeing the pain you feel when she's whith somebody else. My heart is strong hoping for your best. But I'm at my limit. I can't take it anymore. My heart is going to explode. Even if it hurts to be seperated from you I can't take it anymore. One step further and my heart is going to burse. I don't want you to see my bad sides. I don't want you to see my eyes filled with jealousy. I don't want to be seen as a terrible woman,especially by you. Maybe you won't recognize,cause you're to concerned about her, But I don't want to risk anything which can destroy our friendship. Please don't hold me back or I'll missunderstand. Have a peacefully life and good bye my First love<3

19.3.13 22:59

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