total down( hab ich was falsch gemacht?)

I feel like crying right now. Nobody's here to hear me cry anyways. I'm nothing to them. I'm not important. If I'm dieing. Nobody would stop me. I'm always alone. Nobody ever were fullhearted nice to me. I'm just like a black rabbit in a group of white ones. I'm lonely. I got no friends, but still I'm special so they are getting around me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me mad and sad. It makes me even lonelier. It makes me stand out even more. I just want friends too. I want a normal life. Did someone want to switch with me such a miserable life? Of course not. Who would be so stupid and change with me? I'm envious of all the other ones around me. Even if I try my best even if I put much more effort it still changes nothing. To be born. I regret it.

20.3.13 21:19

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hihi (20.3.13 22:47)
so darfst du nicht denken und es gibt bestimmt viele menschen, zu denen du wenn du dich allein fühlst gehen kannst! <3 (

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